Sandra first developed an interest in the world of natural healing when she grew up on a farm, learning about living naturally, growing your food, healing naturally and living in the outdoors most of the day.  This began a lifelong interest in health.  Her lifelong passion is to heal those that need it the most, using nature and natural products.

The areas of health and healing have led Sandra on a path of discovery, resulting in a balanced appreciation that health is on all levels, physical, mental, spiritual and financial.  With all of these in balance, health is restored.

Sandra places great emphasis on ensuring the health of the individual is addressed, resulting in an individualised treatment plan for your health or your wealth, based on your requirements.

Over the years, Sandra has embarked (and completed) differing journeys, resulting in a wealth of knowledge to be shared, support to be given and healings completed for you, the individual.

Journeys you may wish to embark upon with Sandra include:

Weight Loss



Health Balancing


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When you are struggling to lose weight, one of those reasons is because of the impurities that are held within your body. These impurities need to be stored in your fat stores until you body has time to remove them itself. Unfortunately, in today's world, it doesn't always get back to doing this itself, due to overwhelm.  Learn more in the video below.

If you want to know more about removing these toxins, then contact me now for a free 30 minute consultation where we can discuss your goals and organise you to begin straight away!

Want to see some wonderful results? Check out the following video for more stories on weight loss



Amazing, real life stories of people helped using the Isagenix system. Contact me now for a free 30 minute consultation to address your goals

If you're like me, you are looking for products you can use around your home that are non-toxic, contain no harmful additives, are pleasant to use and are easy to use.  Check out my range of natural aromatherapy sprays and liquid soaps to use around your home.

As these products contain no additives, no dispersants and no chemicals, they do have a shelf life, and need to be stored correctly.  They are pleasant to use due to the beautiful blend of essential oils that are chosen for their properties, as well as for their combined aroma.

Are you an athlete, or a weekend warrior?  Want to know more about improving your performance, or just working harder for yourself?  Take the time to watch the video below to learn more about why athletes are using the products I recommend to improve their energy, their performance and ultimately their results!

Want to know  more about what athletes are saying about these products? Check out this blog now

Contact me now for a free 30 minute consultation in order to get you started on the best nutrition to support your performance outcome

What's ageing you? That is a question that scientists have been researching for many years.  An exciting discovery was made concerning out DNA and how it unravels as we age.  Finding good quality products that support the DNA in a way that reduces the unravelling is essential.  Watch the video below to learn more about telomeres within your body, and how they are ageing you.

To find out about sourcing good quality products that will support your ageing process in a healthy way, contact me now!

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I look forward to meeting you, following up with you, and assisting you with your health goals, ensuring you step towards your healthier future with ease.

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Sandra Venables is a qualified Aromatherapist and Homeopath, successfully merging the two modalities to create products and healthcare  in her 15 years of clinical experience.

She wishes to teach as many people as possible the benefits of using these products in their own home, for the health of themselves, their family, their home and their environment.

Sandra has been teaching natural therapies at local colleges for 8 years enthusing students with a passion for aromatherapy and homeopathy.

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